How To Remove Old Red Stains From Carpet

How To Remove Old Red Stains From Carpet

The two easiest chemicals that we use to carpet cleaning Las Vegas will remove old red stains out of carpet, which are Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and Ammonia (NH3).

If the stain is from an all-natural source such as red wine or coffee, then over the counter 3% Peroxide will remove the stain by simply misting it with a spray bottle, or by pouring peroxide on a towel and then blotting the stain with the towel.

If you have already sprayed anything labeled as a carpet cleaner spray, you have probably made the stain permanent. As most over the counter stain removers have ingredients such as optical brighteners that end up setting a stain.

If the stain is inorganic you can use ammonia, or a mixture of the two chemicals. Most two part red stain removers the professionals use have Peroxide which remove urine stains from carpet, on one side and Ammonia on the other side. Some include other chemicals such as Sodium Bisulfite’s but usually it won’t be needed. Peroxide and Ammonia work in tandem, synergistically as the ammonia PH 11.6 accelerates the oxidation (better known as the “oxy”) process.

If the peroxide alone doesn’t work right away then spray or blot on some ammonia to speed the process up.

If that still doesn’t work then you can:

1. Open up nearby windows and turn on any available fans as breathing these chemicals can be dangerous. A respirator mask is recommended. Make sure any pets or kids are out of the area.
2. Spray or blot on some clear ammonia onto the stain.
3. Get a clothing iron, or wall paper steamer and plug it into the wall, making sure it’s within reach of the stain. Turn it to low to low medium setting.
4. Get a towel and get it damp with water.
5. Place towel over the stain.
6. Place the iron over the towel.
7. Every 30 seconds lift off the iron and towel to see if the stain is being removed or is finished being removed. Make sure the stain stays wet with the ammonia.
8. Once the stain is gone we recommended taking a new damp towel and blotting the area where the stain was to try to remove any ammonia that is left in the carpet. Or rinse the area with a wet vac and water.

This process can take up to 20 minutes till the stain is completely gone.

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