Traffic Lane Grey – Not with GreenWay Carpet Cleaning

Over ten year old carpet that other cleaning companies could not get out.

Amazing Results Las-Vegas-carpet-cleaning
Cleaning Carpet Lane Grey in Las Vegas

GreenWay Carpet Cleaning told you we have been in business for over 13 years and how we are an obsessed carpet cleaner with perfecting our cleaning equipment, we also have been making the best chemical concoctions to yes, get rid of the ” wear patterns in carpet. ” We are obsessed, can you tell? Out dated carpet cleaners equipment and chemistry just can’t touch the new polyester and PET carpet. Do not worry Las Vegas, we have got you back.

Our customers have told us that we are the only cleaners that have been able to get rid of the grey wear patterns in their carpets. You know the kinda grey hue down your hallway, or around your bed? We will admit some are so bad they are worn, where the fiber is just gone. But most situations they just need the good ole modern GreenWay treatment.

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