Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile Cleaning Las Vegas NV

Cleaning tile and grout can be a back breaking, sloppy procedure. Consider GreenWay Carpet Cleaning your back saver! Our innovative process includes everything from hand scrubbing your grout lines, then high powered steam extraction, to bringing that beautiful gloss back that you deserve!

At GreenWay Carpet Cleaning we love tile cleaning and upholstery cleaning, many times the difference we are able to accomplish is just astonishing and is always more dramatic in person. When we clean your tile we make sure and get those grout lines scrubbed and back to that better than new look you deserve.

As you probably already know most Las Vegas residence have hard water. That is why you will see a lot of white, chalky looking rings, leaving residue on your tile and grout. These can be very stubborn and tough for the average services cleaner to deal with. As all tile and stone are different, we adapt our process to fit whatever situation we come in contact with. We assure you your going to love seeing how bright and pronounced your tile and grout becomes!

Expert tile and grout cleaning
Tile and Grout Cleaned in Las Vegas

Other Services we have available for Tile Cleaning in Las Vegas are:

Tile and Grout Sealing –

We highly recommend having us seal your grout after we clean it. This process creates a harder than rock clear layer over your porous, stain loving grout. Not only does this protect it from any foreign material that might become detrimental to your overall look and lay of your tile, but it also makes cleaning it a breeze! Imagine only having to lightly mop over your tile and grout, instead of having to do all that scrubbing.


You want tile clean and dry like never before, call GreenWay Carpet Cleaning and see what we have in-store!