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Home to what many think to be the worlds best out door mall. South Summerlin is an exquisite place to not only do world class shopping with your dog but also lay your head down at night. Located on the far west side of Clark county right next to those amazing set of snow capped red rocks in the background is an industry leading, master planed community. Every Saturday morning they even have an outdoor farmers market. Where locals gather to not only sell local produce and honey, but also everything from homemade jewelry to local fitness membership. Come end of November they even have an outstanding Christmas display, fully equipped with a giant, two story tree and outdoor ice skating rink, ( yes it is possible in Las Vegas. )South Summerlin Nevada Carpet Cleaning
When it comes to housing you will find many PGA tour stop golf courses and gated upscale condos to large ranchers towards Calico Basin. Its a very typical day to see at least two Ferrari’s at the downtown Summerlin Mall. But don’t let that intimidate you there are also homes ranging from the mid three hundreds on up to, how every much you want. As upscale as the shopping and dinning is here it still some how seems to maintain that small town feel we love. It has got to do with all of the community events including, art festivals, and a green environment day.

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So once you and your loved ones have shopped till you dropped it is always time to go back to our favorite place called home. Seeing that Summerlin South’s mall is outside, shoes still get dirty, and your kids will more than likely come home with an ice cream scoop, or two. So when life just seems to happen all at the same time you get home. Just remember GreenWay Carpet Cleaning Of Summerlin South has your back, if anything lands on these items, be sure and give us a call.

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