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Located in the south west of Las Vegas Enterprise is a fantastic family driven area located right in its own little pocket, surrounded by awesome hiking and trails for everyone to enjoy.  At just over one hundred thousand in population it is quickly becoming a want to move there unincorporated area in Las Vegas. With hiking even including an all natural cave made out of stone that seems to tower 300 feet in air just on the far south west side of Enterprise. And one of the best views in Las Vegas can be seen at Exploration Peak Park. Which is also home to a wild west themed play area for kids, huge hiking hills, and a sprawling grassy area equipped with volleyball courts in the south end of the park. Almost forgot to mention various festivals and concerts usually hit the park too, like last year was a massive triple A country concert that we awesome. The shopping might not be as dense as some might want but to others, like my self see this as a good thing. It is getting pretty developed as a new Walmart just popped up and of course a new Spouts is on the way too.

Exploration Peak Park Las Vegas Enterprise Area

So after you spend all day out at Exploration Peak Park your gonna need the best of the best to help get all that dirt and grass stains out of your carpet. Even though we love our kids and spouses we aren’t perfect and know that sometimes we all track in the outside, to the inside. So whether you spill your favorite drink or laugh it up we are here to help. Here are some of the cleaning services we offer in the south west of Las Vegas.

Carpet Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

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