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Ah how we love Centennial Hills in Las Vegas Nevada! With over 9 parks and over 20 fitness centers this is the place  to live if you are after bigger lots, more space, and love being out doors. Not as much shopping or restaurants as many other parts of Las Vegas but this place certainly has that down home feel. It has a great feel and with just over 50,000 population of residence its just big enough to have everything you need, and nothing you don’t. I have heard many times people saying there seems to be some southern hospitality up here in the north west of Las Vegas. A great first area to move if you aren’t familiar with the area, and might be coming from out of state. There is an abundance of horse properties up here too, so if equestrian tenancies run in your blood this is for you. Its also home to local farm you can come and check out for your fresh produce and eggs. If being close to a hospital is a big concern for your family you can rest assure in knowing one of the counties most prestigious hospitals is located up here called Centennial Hills Hospital Las Vegas NV.

Centennial Hills Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas

With all that open space that Centennial Hill up in the north west of Las Vegas has it is no secret the amount of dry dust that likes to blow around is kinda a big deal. Best thing about carpet is they are excellent air filters. As the second you open your front or back door the dust from our dry weather will fly in and land on the first piece of carpet or rug you may have. Your in luck, we are out in the north west all the time, so check out some of the things we clean up there.

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