Amazing Results Las-Vegas-carpet-cleaning

Traffic Lane Grey – Not with GreenWay Carpet Cleaning

Over ten year old carpet that other cleaning companies could not get out. GreenWay Carpet Cleaning told you we have been in business for over 13 years and how we are an obsessed carpet cleaner with perfecting our cleaning equipment, we also have been making the best chemical concoctions to yes, get rid of the […]

GreenWay Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas Mobile Site

GreenWay Carpet Cleaning New Mobile Site Is Ready

I know, it has been a long time coming, if my mind serves me right 10 years, yes ten years in the making. It’s finally done, well at least the home page for now. Just like anything we do at GreenWay Carpet Cleaning we make sure every little detail is perfect, clean, modern, and super […]

Custom Built Business Cards Carpet Cleaning

Best carpet cleaning business cards

We decided to make our business cards as simple as possible. Do you think we could have gotten away with taking the phone number off? We really wanted to, maybe next year we will be able to just scan the cards with our eyes and it will automatically call the card? Too far fetched? Probably, […]

After Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas

Move Out Carpet Cleaning in Las Vegas – Before & After

We were able to restore this carpet here this morning for one of our favorite customers. It was at a pretty bit apartment complex we are known for cleaning in. Take a look at the pictures and what we were able to achieve in a same day service. We have still been busy despite the […]

What kind of rugs are safe for hardwood floors in Las Vegas

Do I Need a Rug Pad on Hardwood Floors?

What kind of rugs are safe for hardwood floors? None actually! Even if they are double sided and smooth as silk, dirt and sand will get trapped between the rug and your beautiful hardwoods or tile. Protect them with plastic! Hope this helped out our customers Las Vegas, let us know if you need any […]

So many tile pictures its time for carpet cleaning pictures

We have been on a tile cleaning in Las Vegas spree lately I know. To be honest most of the houses we clean the carpet in aren’t really that dirty. So when we take before and after pictures of a carpet cleaning in Las Vegas they aren’t near as dramatic as they could be had […]

Crazy Tile and Grout Cleaning Results in Las Vegas NV

We will admit this job we had yesterday was a tough one! We ended up like all, starting off with a pre inspection, but the some times we just have to clean off the first layer of grime to even see what we are actually dealing with. This was one of those where we ended […]

New Business Cards Las Vegas!

So we are in the middle of redoing our business cards and thought we would see what everyone thinks before we get them published! We are also working on the back, but right now just the front is in redesign mode. How does it look to you?

An Obsessed Carpet Cleaner, Benefits us All!

Where most carpet cleaners buy equipment and chemicals and then use, we use, tweak, use tweak. Why else would it be that all of our customers say we are able to get far superior results compared to previous cleaning’s? It’s been well owner a decade and we are finally to the point where we seriously […]

Carpet Cleaner Las Vegas – Care For Your Rugs

Naturally there’s more to maintaining your carpets clean compared to cleaning along with your vacuum cleaner. You will want to utilize some sort of vacuum carpet cleaner to eliminate greasy sticky soiling, in addition to scents. If your carpet is mild tones these oil residue will quickly create your carpeting appear dull. Great you understand […]