$1000 winner

Congratulations To The First, Bi Annual Scholarship Winner is Nicole W

Wow what a great start to a great set of college attendees! We had so many great applications for the Clean Home – Clean Life scholarship but ended up going the with one who stood out the most. The one who not only wrote a great article but someone who was kind, and went the […]

Kitchen cleaning tricks that everyone should know of

Your kitchen is one of the most important parts of your home. After all, you prepare your food and you may even eat in your kitchen. Ok, we will admit since we are mobile carpet cleaners we usually eat in our vans. So if it is not clean, then it could affect your health and […]

Grout cleaning Possiblilities confirmed in Vegas

How to clean grout and tiles?

Grout can be an unsightly thing to see in your floor tiles. Even after you have mopped and scrubbed your tiles, grout can still make your floor look messy. And grout is not as easy as you would think to remove. Sure, there are some cleaning products out there that specifically help you get rid […]

Before and After Picture of Carpet Cleaning

Before and After Pictures of Carpets Cleaned in Las Vegas

We wanted to show you some of live carpet cleaning pictures. Here is a mixture of most types of common carpets. We have super heavy traffic in front of a kitchen on modern polyester or rayon. Then we have an 10 year old carpet with extreme pet urine contamination. This ended up being a restoration […]

Custom Built Carpet Cleaning Equipment

5 key tips to properly clean your carpets

A dirty carpet can be a source of all sorts of problems. A smelly odor can be caused by an unclean carpet. And frequent allergies could be caused by a dirty carpet too! So if you have got any sizeable carpet or carpeted area in your home, you have got to make sure that you […]


Top 10 Carpet Cleaning Tips

We all live in the houses where keeping the carpets is something very important. Even if we don’t want to put them up in our living space they sooner or later do take a place or a spot booked for themselves. The carpets however, no matter what kind, are made from a material such as […]

You keep asking Las Vegas, so here’s your favorite carpet cleaning service!

Ok so we have had tons of people been asking how to find us over all the other places other than our site. So we are going to show you other places we might show up. We have got not only great customers helping make us videos on why GreenWay is the best choice in […]

GreenWay Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas Amazing Before and After

Best carpet cleaning results in Las Vegas – Pictures in Side

Ok we will admit most of our jobs now a days are cleaning jobs that we consider, a piece of cake, or no big deal we got this. But some get us a bit queezy easy. As we always want one hundred percent satisfied customers, and of course results. Some jobs and or carpets are […]


How a Carpet Cleaner Can damage your home or protect it.

Here is a huge move we do which helps protect your walls, just another benefit of being an obsessed carpet cleaner. Why, because hoses like to try and back them self’s out of a house. Deal is they are attached to a big, powerful machine outside of your house in Las Vegas. Stairs is one […]

before carpet cleaning las vegas

We have been getting some amazing customers lately!

GreenWay wanted to take a second or a thousand to thank our awesome customers. The relationships we end up having with our customers makes this so much more rewarding. From a quick thank you, a simple handshake, to an awesome customer telling others about us online, whether it be a review, a video, or just […]